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Goldwork Supplies

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click to enlarge For winding you gold threads onto and also allows you to work straight off the reel which will sit flat on your working surface - a must for the gold-work enthusiast!!
Normally worked as a pair - each thread coming off its own Koma.
Price: $

Metallic thread
click to enlarge Fine metallic thread form couching or stitching with.
Available in 3 shades: - Gold , Pale Gold or Silver
Price: $

Papiliion Metallic thread
click to enlarge These beautiful threads come in 5 colourways, they are the most stable of all metallic threads to stitch with.
Buy single or boxed set ( 5 for the price of 4 )
Price: $

Silk Couching Threads
click to enlarge Gold threads are normally couched with a fine silk thread,you can also use Jap No. 1 for couching gold.
I am offering the 2 shades that I mostly work from, and the thread I feel is the best quality
Shade 79 is an old gold colour, Col 78 is brighter gold

Price: $