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Silk Rods and Silk Cocoons

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A - Cocoons - pastels: - 4 & 5
click to enlarge These delightful silk cocoons have been hand-dyed
Pastel selection- 10 in a pack

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Price: $

B - Cocoon: - 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7.
click to enlarge silk cocoon -1
These delightful little cocoons have been hand-dyed, there are 7 colourways to choose from the drop down menu.
They can be used as a bead, tassel top or just added texture into a landscape
They can be stitched into, cut to shapes - whatever your imagination will allow.
10 in a pack
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Price: $

C - silk rods
click to enlarge Hand-dyed.
These are part of the waste process as silk is being carded from the cocoons.
When wetted they become soft and pliable just like ribbon and can be gathered and stitched - returning to a more crisp form when dry again.
Great for creative and texturtal work
4 in a pack. choose from the drop down menu for your colour prefernce.
Silk rods also available undyed x 8 in pack
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Price: $